My Boo Virtual Pet & Mini Game App Reviews

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Eigentlich ganz cool...

Ich habe My Boo jetzt seit etwas mehr als einem Jahr und spiele es nur noch selten. Am Anfang war ich jedoch geradezu süchtig nach dem Spiel:-). My Boo ist meiner Meinung nach als Ersatz für Pou geeignet, mir fehlt nur, dass man nicht rausgehen kann. Am Anfang gehen die Level schnell vorbei, aber so,am Level 45 zieht es sich ein bisschen. For the Makers of my Boo now in English, but I am sorry, my English isnt good. I play My Boo since a bit more than one year, and now I dont play it often, but at the beginning I was just "adicced " to it. :-) I really like the safari event, and I wish, there would be more events like it. Here are some ideas for you: - maybe you could visit some other Boos - maybe, when you play mini games you could find some "things " -you could make a category "health " , like "food ", "sleep " and "love " -some special decorations could do something if you tap on them Good luck!

Love it !

I really love this game and am playing it already for over a year now. The mini games are interesting and the boo has cool outfits. There is enough room for lots of creativity and personality to bring in. I still have a favor for it to complete it. Its to have more connection with my boo, I want to know what it maybe thinks and likes or not likes and moods and everything .. it should be a lot more personal so that it really gets more of a unique being even if its just a game. Its still my little virtual pet and even then we all want some love back right ? ;D

Amazing game

Cute,funny and just fun to play in general! I love my boo(game and pet) so much!

Love it

I love cute things and simple but fun mini games. This is both those things so A+ from me :)

My favorite virtual pet

So cute and so much fun! I love feeding him!

So adorable

So cute this game is a winner u should get it and the best part its FREE

4 stars

One, this game I had no problems with but My Boo has way to much time taking. Two, The prices are way too expensive for somethings. Three, I love My Boo. Id recommend this game to my friends. There might be some flaws, but what game doesnt?


This is a very fun and cute game, I would recommend it.

Its iight for a free game.

Theres a lot of mini games included. Ive only just downloaded it so we shall see. I do miss having a tamagotchi. Guess its an improvement on that.


Very cute game just a problem with social media.


Perfect especially with new games and wardrobe


I love this game.. Having so many mini games in one app, its great when you have time to waste.


My Boo is so good!!!! Watch out, its addicting, but in a good way!!!!!


This game is fun the miny games are the best my friend and I love in

Love it! But....

My boo is so fun.... But sometimes it glitches and when I play boo hop the boo is stuck! Other wise its good!

This game is so fun

This game is so fun because it has mini games, cute little boos and it doesnt glitch.

OMG CUTEST Game everrrr



Its a really good game, except for when it glitches and bumps you back some levels.


This game is so epic i love it make more like good for all ages


This game is Awesome please Put The sayain Armor Please

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